Add Google Analytics Event Tracking for Forms

Add Google Analytics Event Tracking for Forms

Hello everyone

We implemented the forms 2,0 embedded code everywhere on our new website. It is a great way to seemlesly add Marketo to any CMS. We made our own WordPress shortcode for this.

We also use Google Analytics, like probably everybody else here. Besides the standard page tracking, we make heavy use of event tracking to measuser other actions like opening a modal windows, watching a video, hearing an audio file, etc. Some other plugings we use like Sharethis have added Google event tracking to their script so you can see how many times someone used it to post on twitter, facebook, etc.

So I thought it will be great if the Marketo embedded code includes call to the google event tracking so we can report on:

- How many times sthe form was filled with errors.
- Which fields generate the most errors
- How many times a form was tarted vs the submit button was clicked.

Who else with me?

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This would be useful for us as well as we are trying to make use of even tracking.
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We are using google analytics event tracking too, but it's time-consuming and causes delays as we have to work with another group to have it implemented. Would be great if the embedded code already included it.
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Hi Fernando,

Check out this new blog post I wrote on the Marketo Developers blog:

Send Marketo Form Data to Google Analytics
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Status changed to: Already have it