Access the email that was sent from the activity log

Access the email that was sent from the activity log

When looking at the email activities in the activity log, there is not possibility to access the email. And yet, this is possible from MSI. This is was we get when we click on an "email sent" acitvity :


Of course, one can use the mailing ID to retrieve the email in the marketing activities, but it would be more convenient to have a direct link...

It would be helpful if, when looking at the email activity details it would be possible to click to access the web preview of the email.


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This would be great to see implemented.

Would be awesome to have this for emails and for pages.  We often use the same conversion pages (where the download or offer resides) for multiple programs, but quite possibly have different landing pages (where the form lives) that is specific to the program.  Quite often we dont know exactly where in MK that resides especially if used for more than 1 program.  Would like to have a way to where in Marketo the page actually resides without having to jump thru so many hoops or to have a direct link from the activity details so we can find it with ease.  Having these links in the activity would be AWESOME.

A more recent update had taken away our ability to use a Landing Page finder to be able to do this more efficiently.  Now we have to visit the page, look in our activity for the visit web page activity, view the activity to locate the program, and then do a search in the Marketo Activities to locate the program where it resides.  Would love for this to be more efficient.

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I agree and upvoted, but realize that this requires an audit trail including snapshots of all sent emails, which currently does not exist except via SFDC sync.  That is, you can't have misleading references to an email that has changed in the interim.  (This is actually already a problem in other ways I won't get into here.)

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