Abiility to "Preview" LPs in Dynamic Content Outside of Marketo

Abiility to "Preview" LPs in Dynamic Content Outside of Marketo

When we create a LP using Dynamic Content is hard to show people who do not use Marketo how the LP will work in each segment from a preview perspective. 

It'd be cool if the URL changed just very slightly for each segment so that we can easily give the URL of the LP for each dynamic content.

Example LP:

Default: https://info.company.com/yourLandingPagedefault

Segment 1: https://info.company.com/yourLandingPagesegment1

Segment 2: https://info.company.com/yourLandingPagesegment2

There is a solution for email - where you can send a sample of an email based on what a lead in Marketo who is in one of the segments, but the LP still displays as default. 

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You can already do this, pass {segmentation}={segment} in the query string (like country=US).

Hi Sandford,

In the query string would you use the actual name of the segmentation? Our segmentation is called "Rep Firm" and an example Rep Firm segment is "H2Flow"

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Yes, the actual names, as in


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