Points, Badges, and Levels

Points and Badges?

Points and badges measure social interactions in the Community which we recognize to reward our most active contributors. Read more about viewing your points.

We've migrated all of your points (and content) from our old Marketo Community, so you won't lose credit for the amazing things you've already done.

Awesome. How do I earn Points and Badges?

Points are awarded for the following Actions:

Your reply was marked as "Correct"20
Your reply was marked as "Helpful"10
You start a new discussion10
You create a new document10
You create an Idea10
You create a Poll10
You mark a reply as "Correct"5
You mark a reply as "Helpful"5
You post a Comment5
You post a reply to a question5
You post a reply to a discussion5
You vote on an idea5
You tag content5
You share content5
Someone likes something you posted5
Someone follows you5
You create a video250

Badges and Missions

Rack up the points by completing Missions.  Missions are collections of actions that you can complete to earn a badge and/or points.

Finish our Onboarding and Get Comfortable missions to learn the ropes.  Before you know it, you'll be on your way to Blogging Rights!

Onboardingonboarding.pngAdd an Avatar
Add 2+ Skills to your Profile
Follow any Member
Read and Like our Community Guidelines
Get Comfortableget-comfortable.pngVote on an Idea
Read and Like our Support Solutions Blog
Create a Discussion or Question
Reply to a Discussion or Question
Blogging Rights*blogging-rights.pngReply to 10 Discussions or Questions
Receive 10 Likes
Receive 10 "Helpfuls"
Receive 10 "Corrects"

*note - all blogs are subject to approval

Some missions are repeatable - so make sure to visit the Marketing Nation often!

Badge Action(s)PointsRepeatable?
GroupieJoin a Group100No
SociablePost a status update51x/Day
BookwormBookmark 3 pieces of content51x/Day
OpinionatedRate 3 pieces of content51x/Day
Likely VoterVote in 3 Polls251x/Day
You're ItTag 3 pieces of content251x/Day
What's up, Doc?Create or Upload a Document100No
BloggerCreate a Blog Post2001x/Day

Other Missions have levels - the more you do, the higher your level!  Complete these missions and level them up for fame and fortune!

Name TaskLevel 1 (Qty/Pts)Level 2 (Qty/Pts)Level 3 (Qty/Pts)After Level 3 (Qty/Pts)
InquisitiveAsk Questions5 / 10010 / 20025 / 30010 / 200
InfluencerGet members to follow you5 / 5025 / 250100 / 50025 / 250
ResponderReply to discussions or questions5 / 5025 / 100100 / 20025 / 100
IdeatorReceive votes on your ideas5 / 5025 / 200100 / 40025 / 200
HelpfulHave your reply marked as helpful5 / 10025 / 200100 / 40025 / 200
Bullseye!Have your reply marked as correct5 / 15025 / 300100 / 50025 / 300
AppreciativeMark others' replies as helpful5 / 2525 / 50100 / 10025 / 50
Seal of ApprovalMark others' replies as correct5 / 5025 / 100100 / 30025 / 100

Keep an eye out for these folks, they're super helpful!  These badges are awarded to an elite few who achieve the professional designations listed below.  Interested in joining one of these teams?  Follow the links to find out more.



MUG Leader300
Purple Select100
Marketo Certified Expert500
Marketo Certified Analytics500
Marketo Certified Consultant500


As you earn points in the Community, your reputation improves.  Participate and recognize others' work to climb the ladder!

LevelPoints to Achieve
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