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trade shows

I am getting push back on using a Marketo (or a drip campaign) to follow up on leads we have received from trade show.  The argument is:  "We already have the leads and have met the people so give them to the sales team and let them start making calls and sending emails to get an initial in-person meeting.  Marketo might be a good idea pre-show, but doesn't make sense post-show."

Thoughts and commentary welcome.

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Re: trade shows

Hi Bruce,

While at the show, did your team rate the quality of the people they met based on their interactions? If you have people who clearly said, "yes, please connect me with my sales rep" then yes, they should be sent to the sales team. But leveraging Marketo for a post-show nurture can give you the opportunity to warm up leads that may have been interested enough to stop by but not ready to have a conversation with sales, providing them more information about your brand and giving you the chance to build trust and credibility with the ultimate goal of them becoming handraisers. Sending leads that aren't ready for sales can not only alienate those who might be potential customers by moving too fast, it can also impair the sales team's ability to focus on quality conversations with interested prospects by diverting attention from the highest priority leads.

Good luck!