Meet The Automation Geeks

Kia ora community

I'd like to introduce you to a little passion project that Josh Pickles‌ and I have been working on over the course of the year - The Automation Geeks!

Josh & I are both total Marketo geeks who spend a lot of our spare time running the Auckland User Group, hanging out, and just generally nerding out about the system & marketing automation best practice. We've set up TAG to give us a way to share some of it with the wider community!

Video Link : 2943

Check out our channel to see what we've been doing so far...

We're #superpumped to release this little passion project into the wild - we'll be posting new videos on the regular and would LOVE your input on what topics we should cover


Level 5

What a fantastic promo video, Grace Brebner! I love the idea of breaking down and providing feedback on Community threads. Excited for more learnings from you and Josh Pickles‌!

Thanks Will Harmon  We're excited to keep putting more out there!

Level 6

I love this haha

This is brilliant - on all levels. 

Well done, both of you - and I look forward to seeing much more kiwi humour .. even the promo deserves an Oscar!

Thanks Chris Wilcox

Thanks Graham Porter

Haha love the promo guys! Keep up the great work