#KreweChats Episode 13: Advanced Reporting

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Level 7 - Champion Alumni

Hey #MKTGNation!

Last week, we held the first #KreweChats of 2017, and hit the ground running with Advanced Reporting. SVMUG leader Jessica Kao​ delivered a fantastic advanced reporting workshop at the latest SVMUG & CHIMUG meetings, so we definitely wanted to pick her brain on a live/recorded webcast! Krewe regulars, Rachel Egan​, Ande Kempf​, Dory Viscogliosi​, and Juli James​ also lended their expertise to the conversation, and I think this was one of the best episodes we've recorded to date!

We covered a wide gamut of reporting best practices, from where you need to start and the questions you need to ask, all the way through to ​instance architecture and first touch/multi touch reporting best practices. No matter where you are on the reporting spectrum, there are definitely a few choice nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned from this episode.

Check it out here: #KreweChats Episode 13: Advanced Reporting - YouTube

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"Start with the end in mind". Really dug this episode, all. Reporting on only vanity metrics hits home w/me; need to start diving deeper in how I report return on programs (instead of just providing basic rev and open/click events).

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Glad you found some value in it, man. People get stuck on vanity metrics more often than you'd think. It's great for an immediate gut-check, but doesn't really answer any business questions outside of how to build a better mousetrap with emails.

The other big piece with all this fun reporting stuff is mapping a Revenue Cycle Model, if you have the ability to create one in your instance. Tracking funnel stage and velocity is, as the youths say, like, whoa.

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This was very insightful Joe - thanks for posting. We are definitely guilty of trying to do much and get stuck. We are in the midst of a complete revamp of our reporting process and I'm excited to apply this.

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Hey, next time you get stuck, give me a call and let's grab lunch!

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I will definitely take you up on that, Joe!  Speak soon.