Champ Chat: Program Member Custom Fields (PMCF)

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Level 4 - Champion

Have you ever wondered how you can use Marketo's PMCFs for something besides the Chicken or Fish question? There are PLENTY of great ways to utilize these fields, and this video talks through a few examples on how, such as:

  • Nurture Member Reporting
  • Marketable Database Reporting
  • So much more!

Watch the video where Jessica Kao and Kimberly Galitz talk about the best practices for setting these up!



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Great uses cases for PMCF, thank you both! I love this session format btw 😃

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Nice session.
I've followed a similar naming convention for the PMCF, but have called them like 'Local field 1 (String)'. I chose the word 'local' to follow the same meaning as a local token (only accessible in that specific program) to have some consistency for my users.

My other tip is to add a note in the program summary to inform that, for example, Local field 1 (String) = T-Shirt size.

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Good tips @John_Grundy1 - I love the idea of adding in the details into the program summary so that everyone know what that field's purpose was for that particular program! Also the idea of naming it "local" is helpful. Thanks for watching and adding tips!