How to reply/update a Support Case

Once you have submitted a support case, our team of Technical Support Engineers will respond to you quickly and with our SLT (Service Level Targets) based on the case priority.  When you receive a response, there are two ways you can provide a case reply/update.

By Email

Every case update from our support engineers will trigger an email notification to be sent to your email address.  To reply or update the case, simply reply to the email with your response and addition details for your case.

When replying to a support case by email, it is important not to change or alter the ref: code in the subject line.  This ref code is what allows your email response to be added back to the support case as an update


By Web Portal

You can also update your case through our Case Management App, but loading the app either from clicking the link in the case notification or going to Support Cases from the Bizible Support Home page.

1. From the My Cases view, select the Case Number you want to update


2. From the Case Detail page, there are several ways to update the case:

    • If your case is resolved, you can click "My Case is Resolved" and close the case
    • You can increase the priority of the case, if the issue is escalating
    • You can add your case comment/update to provide additional information to help the support engineer resolve your issue
    • You can attach files in order to help move the issue along toward resolution