Working with Marketo in different OS platforms

Poll created by Debroop Garai on Aug 3, 2018



I was just wondering if i am able to get an opinion as to which OS is faster and efficient when working/programming with Marketo?

I often found Mac OS is faster when we work with Marketo platform.

You can take all these criteria as performance parameters and this would help me a lot in gathering the right data i am looking for.

  • Page Refresh
  • Navigating between different modules like Marketing Activities, Design Studios, Calendar, Database.
  • Building Smart List, Smart campaigns, Checking People tab for the results.
  • Creating Landing page, emails, previewing, approving, toggling between coding platform to front end platform, etc
  • Building Reports and fetching report data, etc
  • Searching through database reporting section for activity log, contacts of different list and smart-list section and also to check people count, etc.


Thanks in advance


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  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS
  • Other - please leave a comment