CLE MUG Slack Channel?

Poll created by Chelsea Kiko Champion on Apr 24, 2018

Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you who came to the last meeting. I know our schedules are crazy and sometimes we can't always make it to every MUG meet-up. I know the community is a great resource for most of us as we are diving into Marketo everyday, but Carissa Russell had an AWESOME idea to possibly start a CLE MUG Slack Channel. I know a lot of us use the platform and it's great for quick conversations and to get some questions answered - and of course, to have a little fun. I am trying to measure interest in creating the channel, so can you please vote so I can see if it is worth the effort of starting up?


Thanks again and I am so pumped to see some of you at Summit next week!

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  • Yes please! A slack channel would be great
  • No thanks, not interested