Philadelphia MUG Improvements

Poll created by Kiyana Neil on May 17, 2016

Welcome to all of our new Philadelphia Marketo User Group members! It's exciting to see our numbers growing. As we continue to grow, we want to know how we can fine tune our future meetings. Currently, we meet 4 times per year, between 2 - 5 PM. Is the current structure no longer working for you?


Please take the poll below AND add any comments on the changes you would like to see in PMUG!

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  • A. I prefer morning meetings
  • B. I prefer evening meetings (after 5 PM)
  • C. More meetings, 4 per year is not enough
  • D. Both A and C
  • E. Both B and C
  • F. I like the current structure, no changes necessary
  • G. Other - please leave a comment