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Marek Hozák
Hi everyone,   I am trying to set up an AB testing for a smart campaign: subject of triggered emails. I do not have the option to create a Champion/Challenger (AB test) when clicking on the email - see attached.   Can anyone help me with this, please? Should this feature be turned on somehow?   Thanks for your help!
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Adrian Radu
Hello Marketo Community,   We have an issue with one of our clients that do not give internet access to their employees, due to security reasons. We`re sending a weekly newsletter to their employees and would need to know what we need to request or to give our client (ip address, ports that need to be open on their side) so that we would… (Show more)
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Dan Stevens.
Click to view contentI'm trying to unapprove and Email Program (batch) but keep getting the following error:     Any idea what this means?  This was a test Email Program (containing 1 lead) and need to disable it.
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Hi,   We have several non-Marketo contact forms on our website that our web developer has recently tied to our Marketo lead database. When a lead fills out a form, the form data is captured and fed into Marketo. I see that the Original Source Info and Original Source Type fields show "Web Service API," but the Original Referrer field for the… (Show more)
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Sham Chikkegowda
Click to view contentCreating the script token using the end point /rest/asset/v1/folder/{id}/tokens.json?folderType=Program as attached. Token created fine. When try to use that in email template throwing the error "No usable value for scriptingObjects Expected object but got JString()". If i create the same token manually email delivers fine. The difference between… (Show more)
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Jessie Coluccio
Click to view contentHello Community, Email is created and ready to send so I forwarded a sample to my boss... Unfortunately the hero image is being "cut" down to look more narrow. Any idea why that might be? Left is my outlook and right is hers.
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Jamie Hunter
Hello Marketo Community,   Has anyone else repeatedly had issues with integrating AdBridge for LinkedIn and Facebook lead gen forms? We have exhausted all troubleshooting options: -Ensure the FB/LI account that authorizes the Launchpoint/Adbridge connection has all necessary leag gen manager and business page permissions -Connect a new FB/LI… (Show more)
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Michael Oslin
I am trying to define a user persona based on what pages on our site they might be visiting. For example, we sell 4 products (A, B, C, D) and we have 5 pages that might speak to any given product. As a user navigates through a subset of these 20 webpages they might lean towards one product or another based on digital indicators. But the tricky… (Show more)
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Mark Kalamaridis
I'd like to create a survey form with multiple questions with checkbox/radio answers that will be embedded on a non-Marketo web page. Survey results will be captured in Marketo.   I just wanted to confirm that this is possible in Marketo and if there are any restrictions to the number of form questions/answers.   Thank you!
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