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Pavel Ivanov
Hi guys, I am trying to create a flow that will notify a certain group of people before/after and e-mail is sent.   The idea is that the whole team is aware that there is an upcoming send (for example) on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. or that the anticipated e-mail has gone out (The e-mail went out.). I am unable to find a suitable solution. I tried… (Show more)
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Mary Hendrick
I'm trying to send 3 emails in a campaign and A/B test the first email send.  Is it possible to create a smart campaign and add in A/B testing? I know A/B testing is available in the program. Or, is it possible to send multiple emails in one program?
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Shari Smith
Hi all, my team set up a gotowebinar but did not use the Marketo form for registrations.  Several people have already registered and I do not want the current registrants to receive the 2nd and 3rd invites.  Because we did not use a Marketo form, I'm looking for the best way to set up my smart campaign.  Currently, I have if someone visits the … (Show more)
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Eva Maloney
     Hello,      We are in the beginning stage of evaluating Full Cricle CRM to overlay our SFDC and Marketo data for better insight into the performance of our marketing activities. If anyone has any expereience with this tool I would greatly appreciate any feedback!             Thanks
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Lisa Dahlager
We recently cloned a webinar program into the same folder as the webinar we were cloning from. My coworker was able to set up the entire program and send out the necessary emails - but when she went back in later, the program was no where to be found in our Marketing Activities. However, when we go to history or to the audit trail, the program… (Show more)
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Jenny Robertson
Hi everyone! Until Marketo opens up their database to start sending Marketo email invites again, I'm going to start personally sending out notifications for future ATLMUG meetings.  If you'd like to receive an email update around future ATLMUG meetings, please send me your contact info and I will be sure to include you!  Feedback we've received… (Show more)
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Christina Lefebvre
Hi everyone,   Just finished a MUG leader webinar with some details about Summit that I wanted to share with you! Pre-registration for sessions is required, and can only be done on a desktop/laptop computer, or onsite at Moscone at various kiosks. They sent out an email with instructions how to do this yesterday. It's kind of a clunky… (Show more)
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Adele Miller
Hi Champs! I am hoping someone can help me as I am on the verge of screaming at this issue We have an issue with email bots / spam checkers clicking every single link on some of our emails before delivering them to the real recipients inbox. We used to filter these out by no web activity being logged as the bots couldn't log that but… (Show more)
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Gerard Donnelly
Just wanting to get peoples opinion on using Emoji's in subject lines.  I'm not even sure if this is possible in Marketo at the minute, but I have noticed my inbox is more and more of these on a daily basis.  I read that it has shown to increase open rates, I'm not so sure though. Also, do you think it's just a b2c or do you think it works for b2b?… (Show more)
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Amanda Opitz
Does anybody know if you can make custom redirect links for external urls? Our company used to have Pardot Marketing Automation Software and this was a feature, but I dont see anything in marketo that can do this and it's definitely something our whole department misses!   For example the redirect links used to allow us to take any 3rd party site… (Show more)
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Mollie Bodensteiner
Join us for the first Central Iowa Marketo User Group of 2018! This MUG will dive deeper into all things Scoring, including: Overview of Scoring Types of Scoring (person/account/customer/product/ etc.) How to Build Scoring in Marketo Answers to All Your Scoring Questions! The Details: Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Time: 5-7 PM…
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