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Rachel Tate-Wong
Hi Marketo Nation I need some help. I've designed a branded email template using one of the 2.0 email templates. Everything looks fine in marketo and on any MAC os version of outlook but when it is opened in any version of the PC version of outlook the styles get stripped and more importantly the header image gets distorted and squished. It also… (Show more)
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Diana Jakubaityte
hey! Is there a way to figure out how many people supposed to receive emails, but did not due to a communication limits? (in the given time - week, day, month)   Thank You! Diana
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Kenny Elkington
While the Marketo form builder is quite powerful, there are some edge cases where it doesn't produce quite the result that you're looking for.  A common request is to reposition fields after the progressive profiling box, which is a capability that isn't currently available natively.  Fortunately, with some javascript tweaks, we can reposition… (Show more)
Mark Wallace
Hello all   I'm seeing quite a few contacts created without an email address.  Looking into that further they are coming from unsubscribe form fills.  I'm wondering how that can be possible, and how it can be stopped.   Anyone seen that before?   thanks 
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Susan Horridge
I'm using a Marketo form with the field "Country (L)." It is a required field. When I try to select the United States and submit the form, I get a "This field is required" error. I am able to select all other countries, just not United States. Any ideas?
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Inga Romanoff
It seems that the GDPR got everyone in a high gear and while some of the Data Privacy requirements of the regulation may have been taken care of by the company, there is lots to do in Marketo. We'll cover the basics of the GDPR as they relate to marketers and more specifically, what to do in Marketo, plus a few practical takeaways.   Presenters…
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DeAnna Humphrey
Hi,   I am trying to move some of my current time-based workflow emails from to Marketo.  What I am struggling with is how to set these triggers in Marketo then how to send them in the same format I currently do from Salesforce.  Reasons for my need to transition from SFDC to Marketo emails is I need these emails to come from the… (Show more)
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Jaime Servaes
So from what I can tell Marketo doesn't automatically add the GA UTM parameters to email links.  If that is true, does anyone have a recommendation on the quickest way to add these to emails? I really don't want to have to manually tag every link in an email.  So can I use tokens or some other cool tool do to this for me?
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Krishna Manikandan
Can we customize mkto_si__Send_Marketo_Email? action to pre-select the email template from the drop down list.
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