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Jeff Smith
We'd like to map the owner upon assignment to a custom field. For example, when a new lead is created, the routing rules are requested, and Sally Jones is assigned the owner of the new record, we'd like Sally Jones to be the value populated on another field called "Marketo Owner" so that it lives in two places. Is this possible?   I have a

Cameron Zellner
Hello -  I am trying to make a Salesforce campaign sync using the native sync between Marketo program and SFDC campaign but after it syncs 50K records out of 140K records this error message is returned in Marketo.  What does Apex CPU time limit exceeded refer to and how would I go about fixing this? Thanks.
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Brandon Benjamin
We're looking to completely wipe our Marketo database, turn on the SFDC sync and allow everything in SFDC to be the data we move forward with in Marketo. However, we'd like to salvage the activities of the current leads in Marketo and associate them with the new records that come over from the sync (matching on a unique user ID). Is this
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Maggie Eisenhardt
Hi there!    I just uploaded a guided landing page template, approved it, then edited it to make it look how I wanted it. (I'm using it as a webinar sign up page with a Marketo form on the page). The page is approved and looks good when I preview and go to the URL. But, when my colleagues go to the URL the page looks a little funky...
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Jeremy Gendelman
I have a specific campaign for which I am trying to build a smart list. I want any person who has purchased 2 specific products, in no particular order, but who has purchased the second product within the last day, to receive an email. I can't quite figure out how to structure the logic. Attached is what I have, but I believe the way it is