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Bryan Epstein
We are looking into a few different CMS platforms, and I wanted to see has any experience with the integrations with the following platforms:   Episerver DotCMS Umbraco   I know that Episerver and dotCMS have standard integrations available but wanted to see if anyone has feedback about those connections specifically. On a separate

Steve Schimmel
Hi,   My web team has asked me to include specific tag values on every link included in Marketo emails so they can trace web traffic back to campaigns, channel (email), segment (product line), and more. I am looking for a way to do this at scale so I don't have to manually add tagging in every link in every email.   The only idea I
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Amanda Scigaj
I'm no stranger to migrations, but I have a bit of a head scratcher that I haven't encountered before...   We're moving to a new instance (along with new SFDC) so all of our data is migrating from SFDC-->Marketo once the schema and sync are enabled.   We're migrating some of our ongoing programs/templates/assets (which is no easy