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Diana Jakubaityte
Hey, is there an app or a Marketo tool we can use to capture attendants during the event and send the data straight to Marketo?   Any tool integration you could advise?   Many Thanks, Diana

Sham Chikkegowda
Creating the script token using the end point /rest/asset/v1/folder/{id}/tokens.json?folderType=Program as attached. Token created fine. When try to use that in email template throwing the error "No usable value for scriptingObjects Expected object but got JString()". If i create the same token manually email delivers fine. The difference between
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Elise Hudson
Welcome back to Marketo's bi-monthly customer newsletter, the Fearless Forum!   Back in December, we asked you to comment on the fifth edition with the questions you have for Marketo and the topics you want to hear about.   This month we'll be covering the following topics chosen by you: Marketing Nation at Adobe Summit Revvie Awards
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Jeff Foster
  Don’t know where to start? Marketo University’s learning paths get you on track to proficiency in different areas of Marketo, whether it be with marketing automation fundamentals or advanced topics in specialized areas. Choose from and follow our different learning paths to get the most comprehensive and guided experience