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Marty Lyon (Admin)
We'll be kicking off our 2019 season of Marketo User Groups on Thursday 7th February in Old Street. The format will be a low-structured conversation about Marketo and marketing technologies.   We’ll start with a conversation about Optimising your database for engagement: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective. Followed by

Christine LeBlanc
Hi,   Cloned a Web Content program. Went through and updated any instances of the program name to match the freshly cloned program's name. Why in the Smart Campaign, Status Screen... do I see small text that reads: Smart List (1) and then beneath reads: Trigger - Person is Created... Then, it reads next to that: Form Name is
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Matthew Nuding
Hello,   I am working on a campaign to gather more information from contacts. I've created a form in Marketo and have it on a Marketo landing page - Essent Guaranty, Inc.   I have all of the fields set to Form Pre-Fill = Enabled. I also have the form pre-fill enabled in Admin landing page section. When I run a test (run an actual