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Jay Jiang
There's nothing worse than going on leave and coming back to find something broken. Such was the reality for our email preference centre. If you've been affected by the pre-fill fiasco (, the most likely place impacted would be your email preference centre. What I found was

Will Raleigh
I would like to send sales owners a weekly report of their clients who have visited the web site. I could create a thousand reports, each with its own subscription, but that is unsustainable. I could create an alert, but that would generate an email for each client, and that would be overwhelming for the recipient. Is there some way to
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Ariel Sasso
We are trying to do a bulk export via API and are getting the below error. Any ideas on what might be going wrong?  The error we are receiving -    {"requestId":"77f2#16c08a8af9d","success":false,"errors":[{"code":"605","message":"Request method 'POST' not supported"}]}   The script HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();