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Mobile View loses header/footer from template

Question asked by ddd1f80f1d0964e3faad24fcf803eb9d5536068e on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by e20eb9502ba847c022fcd5091e8e073a3dc4bf1c

I'm a web developer trying to figure out how to code a landing page template, mostly from scratch using Marketo examples.  The responsive template I built works fine, until someone selects the "mobile" view.  For some reason, when it's converted to the "mobile" view, it loses the header and footer elements.  You can see they aren't displayed as intentionally turned off through the menu, in fact they don't even display as elements (I think since they aren't editable).



For this template, the header and footer are to always stay the same, whenever someone builds a landing page.  Thus, they are not editable, and not intended to be.  But I wonder if I'm missing some other id or class that is needed for an element to be included in the "mobile" view.  Or maybe a containing div I've labeled wrong?


The only documentation I've found about landing page syntax is this page about Guided Landing Page elements.  The information provided is not relevant, since this is a non-editable element that's disappearing.  Can anyone point me to other documentation about class and id syntax for landing pages that might help?  Is anyone else losing parts of their template when switching to mobile view?