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Adding trigger for "Source Detail" for smart campaign

Question asked by b70fae80b3ecec2734efa2ee9edd62d6b91920b9 on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Josh Hill

Hi there, Im creating a smart campaign with both filters and triggers in the smart list. For the trigger, I need to pull in any leads that have downloaded specific gated content.


1 Trigger: "Lead source" is "gated content" AND

2. Trigger: "Source Detail" is "x"


I am able to set-up #1 Lead Source trigger okay, but I cannot find #2 Source Detail trigger option. "Source detail" is a custom SFDC field for us. I only see Source Detail as a filter, not a trigger.


Am I able to add custom SFDC triggers in the field management or elsewhere to pull in Source Detail Trigger into this campaign somewhere? Please advise.