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Implementing Global Forms - capturing fields - parameters vs. token

Question asked by c8829a3067d4eeff7d519e465225806880025c4d on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Josh Hill

Hi all,


We are implementing global forms at our company and we're debating a bit on whether we want to capture hidden fields such as lead source as a token on the program level vs. using parameter URLs.

We see in some instances, using the token on the program level is easiest. However, for other cases, that's not ideal (don't want to make numerous programs), so want to some as parameter URLs. We are questioning whether we even want to do some one way (token), and some the other (parameter), or if we should just mandate we do it all 1 way (parameter).


How does everyone else do this? Or do you have any processes/tips on a better way to handle this?