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Bounced email lists

Question asked by 14a1aee06bd28bcb33594148c5e039cd71812374 on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by 86e7d4d0d7027e0caaec17034cba1a842632e37d
Hello. I have two different email bounce lists and they have drastically different information. Is anyone able to help me explain why one has so many more leads than the other? Not to mention, we don't even have 90k records in Saleforce, so I'm not sure where the first number came from.

Bounced email address: smart list contains - email invalid is "true" - 98,792 leads on this list

Hard bounces: smart list contains - email is any, date of activity is 2 years (longer than we've had an account) - 4,324 leads on this list

Thank you!