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    Limiting of Leads sent to ADRs for Qualification

      I want to be able to keep a constant number of leads (100) assigned to an Account Development Rep. (ADR) at all times. How would you set up a process whereby when a lead is created through an activity, it is reassigned from marketing to the ADR only if he has less than 100 leads in their queue? Once the lead count hits 100, reassignment stops.

      Conversely, I'd love to automate a process where marketing leads are auto-assigned to an SDR if the number of the leads in their queue drops below 100 leads.
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          Matt Stone
          I don't think you'll have much luck doing this in Marketo, unless you want to code something custom with the API. I don't think Marketo "knows" how many leads are assigned to who.

          You'd probably have more luck with your CRM, depending on which one it is.
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            Martin, can you clarify what you're trying to accomplish by putting in the rule of "100 leads at a time"? What's the problem that you're trying to solve?
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              Thaks Grant,

              I want to regularly feed my ADRs queues with my email campaigns so that they are neither starving for leads nor overwhelemed by them. We've chosen a 100 lead threshold because that is the max # of calls an SDR can make per day (across all call cycles). I have a couple of options--The first would be to send out a # of emails per day and assigning ones who open the emails to the ADRs. However, conversion rates fluctuate, plus I'd have to staggar the number of emails sent out over the course of several weeks (according to a formula the sales team built) given that the ADRs will need different #s of new leads depending on their calling cycle with existing leads. This is a challenge to manage in an automated fashion and would not guarantee the leads in the ADRs queue would be a constant 100. The other option would be to just throttle the # of leads that can be put into an ADRs queue, so that it doesn't matter how many emails I send out - the leads will only be reassigned to the ADR until their 100 lead queue is full. I may be looking at this wrong, so any help would be appreciated.  Note that high value leads such as free trial requests would be sent to the ADR regardless of the # of leads in the queue for immediate follow-up.

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                I can't think of a way to do this systematically in Marketo - or in Salesforce. Maybe there is an app for something like this, but I don't know of one.

                In genenral, I don't know how large a risk it is to "overwhelm" the reps with more than 100 leads. What I've seen companies usually do is have an ordered list that's much larger than 100 for reps to work on - so that they are NEVER starving. They are not allowed to "skip" leads by going to lower priority leads before all high priority are exhausted. So in the case that you're describing where a free trial request comes in - it would go straight to the top of their pile - and they would have to call that person next.

                The priority is set either by a single score - or sometimes by source of the lead - or whatever other factors might be involved.

                I think as long the priority is clear to the reps, it shouldn't be overwhelming to see a large list. It's only overwhelming if they don't know how to approach it.
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                  Hi Grant,

                  Good advice--unfortunate if there isn't a method for this in Marketo or SFDC. I was using the term lead loosely. Hot leads where someone filled out a form or requested a trial would go to the top anyway based on score, and I have that set up now. The issue is more in making sure that cold leads (i.e. where someone jhas only opened an email, etc) are followed up on in a timely manner. By sending an email out each day that only populates the ADRs queue with enough leads to last that day, then the gap between email send out and phone follow up is minimal. By putting a lot of cold leads into their queue at once, then it may take days for them to follow-up and the lead becomes even colder.