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    "All Leads" Smart List is not updated

      My initial Salesforce sync completed early this morning. All of the leads from Salesforce appear in the Lead Database, but when I click on the "All Leads" system smart list, they do not appear. It does say the Last Run was finished yesterday afternoon, before we did the sync. I was under the impression that this list auto-updates because it is a smart list, but it appears it does not. I've logged out and logged back in, refreshed the page, etc and no change. How can I run this list so my leads appear?

      Thanks in advance for your help!
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          Hi Meagan,

          I haven't run into this exact problem personally but I have had a smart list not update.

          In my case, simply clicking the little "refresh" icon at the bottom of the page (green icon with 2 arrows circling each other - located next to the Excel icon) seemed to fix it.

          Warm regards,
          Nora Slattery
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            Just wanted to be sure that we are talking about the same smart list (see screen shot of All Leads system smart list below).  If so, when you click the "Leads" tab in a smart list, the message "Loading xx,xxxx" will be displayed briefly before the list is displayed.  If this is being displayed, is the number it displays close to the number of records that should be in Marketo? 

            Are any leads displayed in the list?  If so, is the counter at the bottom right displaying a value close to the number of records that should be in Marketo?  If not, click the number and it will be recalculated.

            Does the View you selected (in the upper right corner of list) have fields that have data in them?  if not, it may appear that no leads are being displayed and you should change your view to one with fields that have data in them.

            If you still aren't seeing your leads or the count is way off, you should open a case with tech support.

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              Yes, that's exactly the list I'm referring to. The count was way off. 

              However, the list did finally reflect the accurate number of leads. Strangely, it updated around the same time that it did the day before. See this screenshot:


              Now I'm seeing the same problem with the Marketing Suspended system smart list. The number is drastically different than the number of leads in the list shown below.


              I was under the impression that smart lists are updated in real-time, but I'm wondering if these system smart lists are refreshed daily. Any thoughts?
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                OK, you're looking at the Overview tab, not the Lead tab and based on the Finished At: date, the Lead Count is not current.  To get the current count you need to open the Lead tab and click the counter in the lower right corner.