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    Recurring issues with failed campaigns

    Cecile Maindron

      In the last weeks we have been experiencing a series of issues with our campaigns. In the past, it was not unusual that the lists were taking a bit of time to run or that we had to launch a campaign w/o knowing how many leads it was going to target. But now a good chunk of our campaigns are delayed or fail. We have tried everything: simplyfing our filters, using static lists instead of dynamic lists, using segments. Nothing helps. The situation is getting worse and so far we haven't received much help from the support.

      Are you experiencing the same issues? If yes, can you give me your use case so I can see if there are common patterns.

      Our use case:
      - Enterprise Edition (but we are not using partitions/workspaces yet: can that help?)
      - Issues touching mostly EMEA campaigns
      - Our data are hosted by MKTO server based in the US
      - 3,000,000 records (2/3 anonymous)

      Cécile @ Talend
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               We've also been experienceing similar problems. Have you tried using static lists that are saved as local assets, instead of in the lead database? 
               1 - in your email program, right click New Local Asset > List > name it whatever
               2 - go to your Smartlist in the Lead Database, wait until it generates and gives you a number (click on Leads tab). Click Select All, then Lead Actions > Flow Actions > Add to List. Then select the static list name, and Run Now. 
               3 - make sure your Send Email interaction filters on Member of List.
               Although it often takes quite some time to load the number of leads on the smartlist, I find it is much quicker, and my campaigns then launch instantly, instead of hours later!

               I hear there is an update due around June/July that should help lists load faster. (FIngers crossed!)

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            Cecile Maindron
            Hi Caroline,

            Yes we have tried your method as well. Indeed it can sometimes improve launching (not always) but it can take up to one day to add the leads to the list.

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              Wow, that is a long time. I hope someone else can help, as that really must be a nightmare!
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                Cecile Maindron
                even one single status change (e.g. we change to "attendee" leads who have attended our on-site seminar) can take up to 5 hours to be executed!
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                  How complex are the filters you're using here? Are there a lot of nested filters?
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                    Cecile Maindron
                    it can be as simple as (country = x or y) and (is not member of "contacts to remove smart list", which is a summation of static lists)
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                           Has support escalating this within engineering? We sometimes see degradation/bugs around new releases but your issues seem a excessive.

                           How large are the smart campaigns you're running?

                           One thing I've started to do for larger batches is:
                           1) Create a smart list
                           2) Create a static list
                           3) Run a smart campaign to batch the smart list leads into a static list (this may help as you mentioned above some of your smart lists reference multiple static lists)
                           4) Run the flow actions with only the "member of list" in the smart campaign filters

                           It's a bit of a pain up front, but ensures large email sends are run promptly. I'm sure the thought of sending an email without a count PRIOR to launching is terrifying!

                           To Caroline's point, definitely looking forward to the performance improvements rolling out the forthcoming months!!