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    Issues when pasting into RTE

           Good Morning!

           When I paste text from word or notepad into the rich text editor, it seems like something odd happens everytime.

           1. Lately, when I copy from html for plain text, this appears at the top of the email: Normal 0     false false
           false  EN-US X-NONE X-NONE .   Is this a result of pasting from word?

           2. Also, is there a program that you can paste from that will paste in as the format of the rest of the email? It is frustrating to have to reformat every word that I paste.

           3. I also see that often when I backspace, the paragraph that was pasted reverts back to its previous format.

           If anyone has any insight into any of these, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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          Edward Masson
          welcome to the world of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors.
          Copying form Word can bring with it microsoft HTML code and formatting and Marketo does its best to reformat.

          Best thing if you need to copy and past copy from word is to paste it into Note Pad then copy again and paste into Marketo editor. Doing so will strip out microsoft formmatting and code.
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            Pasting directly from any desktop-based editor such as MS-Word to Marketo's editor (TinyMCE) transports all hidden characters. 

            The correct process is gathering the HTML source, opening Marekto's editor, clickling the HTML button in the toolbar and paste the HTML content.

            Copying from desktop-based editors is not recomemnded though.
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              Dan Stevens.
              We're experiencing the same issue.  We're not pasting HTML – but rather the plain text (from Notepad) into an editable region of an email template (or a cloned email based off of an email template).  As soon as we paste the plain text, every paragraph gets a bunch of inline CSS code added to it (including the existing text) - and these aren't even styles that are defined in the HEAD of the template.  All I want to do is paste plain text into a template and just include the typical <p> tags around each paragraph.

              Using the approach from @bgomes is fine when the ENTIRE email is produced in an authoring tool like Dreamweaver.  But that’s not the approach we’re using – our field isn’t staffed to completely design their emails out of Marketo.  Thus the reason for using Marketo templates. 

              BTW, we're using Chrome as our web browser.
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                Dan Stevens.
                I just received this response from support - which I find troubling.  What then is the purpose of using Marketo email templates?  And why is this considered a "feature"?

                "Unfortunately, inline CSS will be added if text is pasted into the editor as this is a feature of TinyMCE. I asked engineering about any future plans to update or change our current WYSIWYG editor and they said there are no plans."
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                  So what is being said is that the only way to avoid the CSS is to type your email directly into the Marketo WYSIWYG editor or use a program like dreamweaver?
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                    Dan Stevens.
                    That's correct.  But if using the latter (e.g., Dreamweaver), you'd need to compose the ENTIRE email and base the email in Marketo off of the "blank" template so that you can replace the entire HTML - not just a portion of the email, like the body copy.