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    Form Fillout Bad Data

      Hi Everyone,

      I've been seeing an increase in bad data in form fillouts and was wondering if anyone has any solutions that have worked well for them to avoid this.

      - How do you ensure that someone enters in a valid work email? i.e., when someone submits a bad email, the form will recognize it as bad data immediately and ask them to correct it?
      - What services have you used to suggest company names in the company field?
      - On the back end, what do you do to clean up or recognize bad data? Are there common text strings that indicate someone is keying in random letters in form fields?

      Any and all suggestions appreciated!!
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          This is always a problem. We have a queue in SFDC to catch bad leads. But also, we're looking into services such as ReachForce to give company/address picklists in forms to standardize (you can see this example when you register for a Marketo webinar).
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                 Spambots bypass the field validation disabling JavaScript. You can enforce validation in order to reduce bogus submissions.
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              We encountered the same problem, and we eventually added a validation field to filter out most spambots. Here is an example of one of our forms http://www.networkinstruments.com/resources/download-demos/index.php

              Best of luck!
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                To get valid email addresses, we email the actual requested document to the person. This means quite a few assets have two "leads" come in right after another, one of which is "asdf@asdf.com" and the other is the real email address. I also like this because people can't just share the thank-you page and get the asset without filling out a form. If you want to filter out free email addresses, you could add a step of "not a member of free email addresses smart list."

                We use Reachforce for the company popup "picklist," but that comes with its own risk of human error—accidentally disqualifying someone because they chose the mom-and-pop shop with a similar name instead of their enterprise company. 

                There are some default smart lists in Marketo that have some pretty good filters. Things like "name doesn't contain a vowel," "name contains qwer/asd/jkl/button smashing combinations," "name contains numbers or symbols." That's a great place to start.

                Edward Unthank
                Marketing Operations Specialist