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    Marketo Pre-Population or Pre-fill

      Have anyone used pre-population of field in custom HTML source code landing pages or non-marketo landing page?
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          This is fairly tricky, but it is possible to do if you iframe in the form. Have you looked at that?
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                 Thanks for you reply. You mean drag & drop a form into landing page & then use that landing page as iframe?

                 I don't want to use drag & drop feature. I am using form HTML source code in my landing page & I need code to put in source code for prepoulating it.


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              Yes, that was what I was thinking. It would be a lot of work, but you might be able to reverse engineer the form fill into yor own form. If you view source you'll see that lead fields show up in HTML comments which our Javascript puts into the form.

              It is a bit risky, as we might change this in the future (it isn't a stable, published API), but it seems possible.