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    How to track visits to social media pages?

    Sarah Mayer
      I'm trying to figure out how to track if a lead visits our Twitter page, Facebook page, etc. But I am not familiar with querystrings, and the only help articles include them. What do you use to track if a lead is visiting a social site? I want to set it up as an Interesting Moment.
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          Unless you can add munchkin code to your social property, I don't know how you would track their activity over there. 

          You could track the following for sure: 

          1) Clicks on links that point to your social properties (e.g., on your landing pages and in emails)
          2) If they interact with a Marketo app embedded on your Facebook page

          I haven't played with this too much so I'm not 100%. Someone may have thought up a crafty solution I'm not aware of. 


          Also I should add you can track the inbound visits that come FROM your social properties using querystring parameters, which is perhaps what you were referring to. 

          If you are tagging your links and capturing those parameters in your forms then would identify when a social site was the lead's referrer. 
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            Sarah Mayer
            Hi Justin,

            I'm not sure how to use querystrings. If I want to track someone that has visited our Twitter page, how would I set this up using a querystring?
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              Hi Sarah, can you describe the scenario that you are trying to solve for?

              Are you trying to see when an existing lead in your database visits one of your social properties? 
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                Sarah Mayer
                Yes, I'm trying to set up trigger programs that fire when a known lead visits one of our social media pages (twitter, facebook, etc.)
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                  I think the best you can do then is trigger on outbound clicks from your landing pages or emails to your social properties OR if a lead interacts with an app (e.g., fills out a sweepstakes form on Facebooks etc.). 

                  Marketo only "knows" a lead visits your social property if they do something there that sends data back to Marketo. 
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                    Sanford Whiteman
                    @Sarah seconding Justin, a lead may have a a Munchkin cookie set by your website ExampleCorp.com or EC and be associated with a known lead there... but that cookie isn't going to be sent to a standalone social property, call it SarahGram.com or SG. Even if SG supports custom scripts, so it can load Munchkin.js (a rarity in itself), the cookie set on SG is still going to create a new anonymous lead at first. 

                    The only way to have SG automatically know the lead is to supply it with that information on entry.  For example, if the user follows a personalized link to get to SG -- like saragram.com/examplecorp?token=saras-encoded-token, then a script running on SG could parse out the user's e-mail address and assocate the anonymous cookie with the corresponding lead promptly.  However, organic traffic to saragram.com will never contain any identifiable.lead information.  So, by definition, such leads will remain anonymous unless you can get them to fill out a form. This may seem frustratingly redundant, but the fact that the browser doesn't share Munchkin's tracking cookies across domains protects everyone's privacy.