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    Re-Using Forms

      We are very new to Marketo and are still working with building and ensuring proper integration into Netsuite.  This has been so very challenging for us!!!

      Last week i had come to find out that many of the forms that were created inside programs were created with a few incorrect fields and other data.  We then created some form templates in the design studio that we are now using for all landing/conversion pages, but we dont necessarily add the form to each individual program and we only attach them to the landing page.  So now when a form is filled out it does not show the program name, so i have no way of knowing which program it is coming from or which campaign.  The reason why we had done this is because we had several forms in MK that needed to be updated and it would have taken several hours to update them all individually with the changes that needed to be made.  The easiest way to accomplish this was to use the same form template for each program without attaching the form to the program itself so when the form needs to be changed we can update the template and all forms are updated simultaneously and you dont have to go to each individual form to update them.  I am guessing this not the best practice for this because now the problem that i am having is with the MK Activity that is syncing with Netsuite.  I can't tell which program it is a part of without having to dig in MK to locate it. 

      Any suggestions would be helpful and welcome for someone that really still has a lot more to learn.
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          Josh Hill

          Generally best practice is to re-use forms in Design Studio across your system. When you track progress you use Fills Out Form on Web Page X to ensure you are attaching the info to a Program.

          The problem it sounds like you might be experiencing is tracking individual program form fill outs? I'm assuming "MK" means marketo (mkto)?

          Perhaps you mean that you have some hidden fields that are supposed to be attached to the lead and you want specific program info attached. You can do that by using Program only forms, or using the URL parameter which can be different for each URL on each Program. That way you can use universal forms that will pick up specific program info.

          New leads will always show as Acquired By the Program as long as the flow or LP makes that person a Member of the Program.
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            You can utilize the Fills out Form filter and add the Webpage constraint as well to help distinguish between certain activities as well. 

            What activity are you syncing to Netsuite? Can you give a brief description of what is showing up in Netsuite?
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              so we have our templates created and labled by country due to their language and such.  So here is one: "Landing Page Form - US/CA" and this is all that is showing in Netsuite and the campaign field is blank.  The campaign/program name is not being generated in the activity, but the program is being updated as my flow suggests it to off of trigger campaigns that i created to generate changes to progression status as things happen.  Of course i have one of these trigger campaigns set up for each and every program.  I am guessing that i need to add an extra step in the flow as Josh had stated above, but now my stomach is aching thinking about having to add this to every one because i have so many of them and that would be quite a project to accomplish.