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Why Marketo doesn't stop sync?

Question asked by 26187 on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by 26187


     I tried to integrate Marketo and Salesforce, and got some errors. So I pushed "Disable Sync" button on Marketo to stop sync, but when it turned out, Marketo kept syncing. They sent some new leads yeasterday(Nov 14) and today(Nov 15) from Marketo to Salesforce.
     Even though, Marketo doesn't show the "Last Sinced" time correctly: It still says [Last Synced Nov 08 2013... Failed].

     I would like to know:

     Is it proper behaviour of Marketo to continue syncing to SFDC after you pushed "Disable Sync" button?
     Why Marketo doesn't update "Last Synced" time?

     I wonder if it's a bug or not.

     Here's a capture of my admin page.0EM50000000RDbb

     Thank you for your time,