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    Salesforce sync help!

    Amber Hobson
      I'm having a problem where Marketo is overwriting what our reps are listing for fields within Salesforce. Is there a way that I can make it that Marketo does not overwrite any Salesforce data unless the field was blank to begin with? I'm really struggling with this one and not sure how to set this up. Please help! :)
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          Did you block field updates on those fields?

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            If you want to have the field updated in Marketo, but not in SFDC, you can prevent this with a SFDC validation rule.  Below is an example rule that blocks an update to the Phone field if it already has a value and the update is being made by a user with the Marketo Synch profile.


            When you make the change in Marketo and synch it to SFDC, the synch will fail with the error message specified in the validation rule above.  Keep in mind that Marketo will still have the changed value unless you blocked field updates on that field in Marketo.