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    A big SHOUT OUT to the Marketo engineers for fixing a major Forms 2.0 issue with iFrames

    Dan Stevens.
      I would just like to express my sincere appreciation for the Marketo engineers for identifying a solution to the issue those of us have been experiencing when using Forms 2.0 within iFrames on our web pages - specifically the inability for the confirmation page (upon submit) to open in the full window like the legacy forms used to (using specific javascript that Marketo recommended).  My original post can be found here: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000PlLWAA0

      Here is the javascript that needs to be placed on the Marketo landing page along with the form:

         function setupFormSuccess (){
           var form = MktoForms2.getForm(update with form id);
             setTimeout(setupFormSuccess, 500);
             form.onSuccess(function (values, url){
               window.top.location.href = url;
               return false;

      I hope this helpful to others that were previously in a bind like us.  Thanks again Marketo!!!