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Spam filter outside Marketo LP

Question asked by fb935f500be5e5d515c123b94a418b4f5f3430da on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by fb935f500be5e5d515c123b94a418b4f5f3430da
The help article below outlines Marketo spam filter in LPs, is there any implementation of this for forms outside of Marketo LPs?

Our forms need be included in the pages so simply using an LP would not work for us.  Using iframed LP's of forms in our pages created an overhead to the load time of our pages as well as a duplication error in Google Analytics stating that we were referring ourselves to our site. 
Our main issue is not the submission of blank form fields.  We are getting numerous spam forms 10-15/week typically, but can ramp up to 10 in a night sporadically.  A typical spam form had a company name of “google” and comments that contain paragraphs of nonsense/links. 
I have made multiple efforts to stop this issue which have proved useless.
I have tried to conditionally prevent submission if company name is equal to “google”, but for some reason this still submits.  I remove spaces and lowercase the value before testing against this constraint, but forms continue to submit.  I cannot replicate a scenario where this is possible on the front end so I am not sure how to fix this problem.  If this ticket has been closed due to lack of time, I apologize for this as I had other pressing issues, but please reopen it.

Has anyone run into this issue or know of a potential solution?  I have submitted a ticket to support, but figured I would post on here as well to see if the community knows of a solution to this problem.
Thanks for any help you can provide,