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Dynamically created QR Codes with Marketo tracking

Question asked by John Lane on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by Chris Willis

We are having issues with accessing links directly through some CTA’s in emails from direct Marketo links. This is mainly due to restrictions imposed on some of the companies that we work with. It makes it incredibly hard when trying to provide long form content such as PDF or information hosted on webpages.


I was trying to use QR codes as a way of navigating around this the idea is that the long form content will be accessible via their mobile device should they wish to consume it, but having a generic QR code will lose end to end trackability per individual within Marketo.


Is there a way to have the Marketo user enter the URL that is required for the person to land on but have Marketo dynamically create personalized QR codes with the personalized Marketo tracking link for each individual recipient to maintain this tracking, even when the QR code is scanned from an independent device?


Would this be feasible or does anyone else do anything similar?