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Pushing Form Event to GA with gtag.js?

Question asked by Jason Keller on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by Jason Keller

I'm trying to get Marketo form submissions to log as events in GA. The script I have tried is not working, and I *think* I know why: We use Tag Manager, but GA is actually deployed separately as a Global Site Tag (gtag.js) independent of GTM. This is different from analytics.js too, which, in previous threads, here and hereSanford Whiteman already provided solutions.  


This is the code I have put together (from previous community posts:



gtag('send', {
hitType: 'event',
eventCategory: 'Marketo',
eventAction: 'Conversion',
eventLabel: 'Content Download',
hitCallback: function() {
document.location.href = tyURL;

return false;


Note that I changed the callback from "ga" to "gtag" with the hopes that it would work (which it did not). 


So I'm looking for help with a couple of questions:

  • Is there a different way to push this event back to GA with gtag.js?
  • If so, where should the script go?
    • Could I push it through GTM?
    • Or do I need to place it in MKTO templates above or below the form?


[Bonus Points] Is it possible to call the Marketo form id (or form name, which would be even better) for eventLabel? I am pretty bad at JS (thus this help request), but could that look something like this?




eventLabel: "": form.getId(),


Thanks for any help! Here's a test page that is currently failing miserably...