Yun Bai

Leads sync to SFDC without Email address

Discussion created by Yun Bai on Aug 9, 2019

Hi everyone, 


We ran into an issue that bot filled out a form, records were able sync to SFDC, even without email address. We do have SFDC validation rule set up to prevent leads sync to SFDC without required fields, email is one of them. I am wondering how come this happened? Is that because Javascript disabled on their browser? 


The other thing is, we have a smart campaign to capture those junk records, delete them from both SFDC and Marketo. However, we ran into an error "failed to delete sfdc lead: filtered in SFDC". We got the idea is that the sync has a filter prevents any record without an email address from syncing. So if the deletion got failed without an email address, why records able sync to SFDC at the beginning? 



Thank you in advance,