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How to exclude members of a program from a SFDC campaign sync?

Question asked by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf
I'm syncing members by program to SFDC campaigns in order to set up scheduled email reports of incoming lead lists. It's working great, given that Marketo doesn't have this feature yet.

There are 3 programs from my early Marketo days that I didn't set up to sync with SFDC initially. So now the Member First Associated Date in SFDC is set to the day I set up the sync. This is problematic for me because I'm running reports in SFDC to capture # of leads that came into the campaign within the first week, first month, etc.

I know Marketo has that information - as I'm able to run a smart list on date filled out form. But how can I bring that info into SFDC easily?

My last resort would be to export that Marketo data, and then run vlookups against the SFDC campaign member data to update and upsert that date field.