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Use Checkboxes to select all Checkbox List input in a Form

Question asked by Gally Articola on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by Gally Articola

I'm using checkbox lists for all of my checkboxes, and have the main options grouped in fieldsets. When a user checks either "subscribe to all" or "unsubscribe from all" (which are currently set up as two boolean fields that feed data back to Marketo) I want to check or uncheck all checkbox lists in the fieldset. I'm using the script described in this discussion, which works perfectly when my "subscribe to all/unsubscribe from all" fields are using the checkbox input, but it falls apart when I change them to a checkbox list: Re: Marketo Form: Uncheck other boxes when a certain checkbox gets checked



How can I check or uncheck all fields in a fieldset using individual fields set up as checkbox lists?


Here's my form, hosted on a Marketo landing page.