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How to prevent merges and converts from triggering "Program Status Changed" triggers for events

Question asked by Chris Saporito Expert on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Sean Richards

Our organization uses campaign status as a means of triggering event MQLs. For example, if the campaign name contains "Event" and the status is changed to "Visited Booth" we will trigger and MQL to go to our SDR or inside sales team. The problem that I can't seem to fix is from old leads either merging with another lead record or converting to a contact. Both the merging and converting are causing the campaign history to re-sync with Marketo and qualifying them for the trigger. As you can see in the screenshots I have a constraint for "Reason" not contains "merge" or "convert" and a filter for "Not person was converted" but I get complaints for old leads becoming MQLs. A few of the records I looked at have the campaign history syncing before the merge is actually stamped in the activity. Any suggestions on how to fix this or even new ways to send event MQLs to our sales team?





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