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    Email Consent with the CASL

      I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion as to what they are going to do about the CASL (Canada’s anti-spam law).  I received two emails so far regarding the CASL and it is applicable to all commercial emails and will require senders to obtain expressed consent of opt-in from their recipients, prior to sending them emails.  Granted we have no Canadian leads, is this something you guys are going to implement for your leads? 
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          Josh Hill
          Yes, you have to set this up for your marketo instance, it is not automatic.

          I would recommend considering following CASL procedures because it will allow you to have more evidence of opt in/out as well as you'll be perceived as a better emailer in general.
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            Hey Kristen,

            At the very least, I would set up an automated trigger campaign to Marketing Suspend any Leads that are created with Canada (or any shorthand versions you use for country) are created. This will provide a safeguard in case a Lead ever slips in there. You can then create a weekly campaign report so that you can manage it without constantly looking.