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Can I avoid race conditions when using static lists as a task queue?

Question asked by Jon Wu on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Jon Wu

Sanford Whiteman and others gave me some great advice on how I could use lists as a work queue to work around Munchkin v2 limitations on what actions could be done when a lead was associated: When a lead is merged / associated how can I make previously anonymous activity send an email?

I'm looking for ways to avoid a race condition where people in a list may get processed more than once.


My goal is to put people into a list for specific campaigns, and use the list as a queue that will be flushed by "cron job" / scheduled campaigns that run once an hour, and also by triggered campaigns that hopefully happen more quickly. The triggers may not always happen, so the cron is the fallback to flush the queues regularly.


Imagine I have a Smart Campaign that finds people in a specific list, then in the flow, removes them from the list, and sends an email.


Could this SC be invoked twice at the exact same time e.g. once from a scheduled campaign, and another time from a triggered campaign? If that was the case, maybe the user gets 2 emails.


What if the user is removed from the list in between when the SC criteria makes them eligible and when the flow actually runs? Should I be re-checking list membership before sending the email? Are there any other gotchas here? I can't say only send the email once, b/c sometimes this is for transactional reasons so people may be queued up in the same list multiple times (but no more than 1 time at once).