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    Workspace Recommendation

    Michelle Tang

      Question/advice about Marketo Workspaces! This is the currently how our business/team is structured:



      Marketing Team
      B2C Customers (Free)Expansion Retention
      B2C Customers (Biz/Pro)Expansion Retention, Events
      B2B Customers (Enterprise)Expansion Retention, Events
      B2B ProspectsAcquisition, Events
      B2C ProspectsAcquisition, Events

      We are proposing to create multiple workspaces using a single lead partition. Any feedback you recommend to go down the workspace route or maybe not.

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          Michael Florin

          My recommendation would be not to use workspaces at all. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages.


          The main reason to have workspaces is user access control. (Structure can also be achieved through folders and naming). And in my tenure in Marketing Automation - 8 years with two Marketo deployments - I have never experienced any user overstepping their boundaries and reaping havoc in an area they are not supposed to be in. You have hired them, you have trained them, so you better trust them. :-)


          And the disadvantages are all features that don't work across workspaces: Requesting campaigns, inheriting global folder tokens, restrictions in the cloning process, referencing lists or programs across workspaces...


          My former Marketo had workspaces, and the experience with that situation led us to not have workspaces anymore in our current Marketo. ~30 users, supporting ~20 different products in all phases of the life cycle in 6 languages, and we're doing good. Happy to have made that decision.

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            Vineela Maram

            Hi Michelle,


            Our Marketo instance has multiple workspaces without lead partitions for the below reasons:

            1. Limited access to users for certain brands/products they are responsible for

            2. We do have routing rules set up in each workspace and wanted to enforce accountability for their rules

            3. We have a default workspace where we build all our Data Management/subscription center rules etc. Anything related to system level changes or data updations happen here which is accessed by Admin and core team.


            So far we are fine with this set up given few challenges that Michael stated and the major one ofcourse is cloning.


            Another recommendation is to host all master templates/assets in a Default workspace which is shared across workspaces.




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