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Email click after soft bounce with hard bounce code

Question asked by Kanako Tone on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

I came across handful leads clicking our emails right after the emails were delivered. And here's the most bizarre example I found.


So, this lead has gotten Soft bounce with error code 550 [internal][oob] The response text could not be identified. FYI, soft bounce category was 9 and sub category was 9999.

clicked after soft bounce 2.PNG


clicked after soft bounce.PNG

According to several articles on this community such as this, sub category 9999 as well as error code 550 means this person's email address does not exist in the recipient's email server. So I guess no real human beings is receiving this email. And there's click activity...


My questions are;

Q. who is clicking soft-bounced emails that are marked as not-found?

Q. if this click is a response from a bot, why is there so much time delay between bounce and click email?

Q. Is there any way to find these "soft bounces" easily, after it has happened? (I found this article and will implement the system, IF there's so many instances like above. I'd like to investigate first but it's so tedious to look into lead activity history one by one).