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    Marketo Sky - Any Issues?

    Mike Burns

      Hi all,


      When thinking about trying out the new marketo sky beta, my only concern was if there are any bugs that could corrupt our existing Marketo. Has anyone had anything of severe detriment occur?

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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hi Mike,


          We've turned it on, I have experienced an error when building something in the new UI, and then switching back to the old, my instance appeared to time-out and I had to log back in.


          Nothing major though.


          A couple things to note:

          - You can switch back and forth any time

          - the beta program only let's you work in marketing activities, not in database or design studio

          - webinars and events are not available yet in the new UI


          So, it isn't really a full switch, in the way that migrating from email editor 1.0 to 2.0 was.

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            Ronen Wasserman

            To be honest, I feel more comfortable using the old UI till all bugs will be fixed

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              Lynn Ray Pardo

              Mass actions for program assets - delete smart lists - didn't work for me.


              I cloned a program that had very specific additional smart lists that we didn't need  - the option to mass delete these (unused) assets was greyed out.

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                Karan Hari

                Hi Mike Burns,


                Presently there are a lot of features for Marketo Sky that are still Work In Progress. So I do not foresee a full switch to Marketo Sky in the very near future. That being said, there are quite a lot of interesting features that you can benefit from by switching back and forth for now. Below is the link to a blog about Marketo Sky - New Features, Comparison and efficient use .


                For the most part, I use Marketo Classic UI, but yes, a lot of features mentioned in the above blog, most certainly makes using Marketo Sky interesting and helpful. I do encounter bugs at times, but I am hoping Marketo is working on fixing those and they should be fixed by the time they plan a complete roll out of Sky when all the features are finalized.


                Hope this helps.


                Best Always,

                Karan Hari