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    Form Issue

    Veronique Verdonck

      Hello Marketo Community,


      We are currently experiencing issues with our embed forms on Marketo Landing pages.

      We had this issue in the past and seemed to have been resolved by removing the Form Pre-fill.


      What is the issue?

      The form will not submit everytime. When this error occurs, an error message would appear in the form and some parameters would be added to the URL:



      We thought the issue could have been introduced by the conditional show field for the 'state' depending on country, But we removed the State option completely in this form and the issue is still there.


      Did anyone experienced this in the past? How were you able to fix it?



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          Sanford Whiteman

          The problem has nothing to do with the form itself nor with standard Marketo forms behavior.


          Somebody who has no idea how Marketo forms work -- like literally, this is some of the worst code I've ever seen -- tried to override the forms library logic with some failed fancy-pants behavior.  That person needs to fix their code or remove it. You aren't using anything close to a regular setup here.

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              Jay Jiang

              What Sanford means to say is that there's a big block of jquery code in your landing page that's modifying the natural behaviour of your Marketo form. Your opening post makes it sound like Marketo forms in your instance is at fault for the abnormal behaviour but this is not the case.


              However, unknown to us is why the block of jquery code was implemented in the first place and that's something for you to find out... and why the developer didn't use standard Marketo forms javascript api