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    Fix - Email opt-in date is empty/ not recorded

    Madhavi T

      Hi All,


      We need a fix, to capture the email opt-in date for those leads who have provided their opt-in consent in the past.

      (Email opt-in is captured(TRUE) but Email opt-in date is EMPTY ).


      Please suggest a solution to capture the date.

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          Jesse Andrew

          Unfortunately there's no way to pull in date/timestamp from a data value changed activity directly into a Smart Campaign flow. So if you want to retroactively add the opt-in date, your best bet (though it can be time consuming depending on how long you were recording opt-ins without the opt-in date) would be to run a batch Smart Campaign with filters for when the data value changed, then update the date using the change data value flow step. For example...


          Smart List

          • Filter: Data Value Was Changed
            • Attribute: [Email Opt-in]
            • Date of Activity: [2018-11-21]
            • New Value: [True]
          • Filter: [Email Opt-in Date] [is empty]



          • Change Data Value
            • Attribute: [Email Opt-in Date]
            • Value: [2018-11-21]


          Problem with this is that you'd have to edit, and re-run the Smart Campaign for every date that you were running the opt-in campaign without recording the date. If you were only running it for a few days or weeks, it's not too bad, but any longer is going to take significant time (and Marketo's data retention policy will restrict you on how far back you can go [360 days I believe]). In this case, you can widen the scope of the time frame, for example, look at everyone who opted-in in the past quarter, and set their opt-in date to the last day of the quarter; though this would be less accurate.


          I'm not familiar with using the Bulk API, but I believe you can use it to pull the activity logs and extract the timestamp. If so, just pull all the records for leads who opted-in and have no opt-in date and then just format a list so it's email address and the timestamp, and re-upload into Marketo (with the timestamp mapped to the Email Opt-in Date field) so Marketo updates that field. That'd be a much faster option, though again, depending on the data retention policy and how long you've been capturing opt-ins, you may only be able to get a subset of all the leads.

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            Gunjan Batra

            Do you capture activity data in Hadoop or any other data warehouse?

            Ideal solution is to extract date of activity when Email opt-in was set to TRUE for people that have date field blank. This should be an easy query in Hadoop. Once you have email address and date, you can do a mass list upload.


            In case you do not download activity data on a local server then you will have to update the date retroactively via campaign and use one date for everyone.


            Question: Did you send an explicit optin email to these people? If yes, then date of optin can be <Date of EM send + 2 Weeks>