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SFDC/Marketo Sync/Duplication Issue

Question asked by Alex Ash on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Venus Wills

Hi Community - Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


We have recently run into a SFDC/Marketo Sync issue that has resulted in almost 55k(!!) duplicate leads having imported to Marketo that weren't supposed to. Here's what we know:


  • The sync seems to have happened over a two-day period (September 14th/15th)
  • These are all new leads in Marketo, but old leads in SFDC
  • All the leads are 'Contacts'
  • ~31k have blank lead source
    • Of these, a majority are not 1-1, but 1-many email addresses
    • Additionally, some of the leads may have more records in Marketo than exist in Salesforce - for example, one record we looked up had 3 duplications in SFDC, yet 5 in Marketo. Email addresses were exactly the same.
  • To our knowledge, there were no field mapping updates in Marketo and in SFDC, there were no updates to workflow or sharing rules; no lists imported and no campaign updates in Salesforce.


Thank you so much!