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Country Lead Scoring Best Practices

Question asked by Jordan Zabawa on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by Helen Abramova

Hi all!


Does anyone have any lead scoring best practices for scoring the country demographic?


I work for a global company and we have recently implemented a global lead scoring program. The only demographics we are currently scoring are: annual revenue, job function, job role, industry, and product interest. Our lead score threshold is 80 and the highest amount of points given for a demographic category is +5.


We've seen a few leads MQL from countries we don't do business with currently and we have a list of countries we would like to lower scores for and would like suggestions on where to start. Should we negatively score? We are weary to negatively score Afghanistan for example, because its the first option in the country drop down list on all our forms. We've seen leads select that out of convenience instead of selecting their actual country.


Any input helps, thanks!