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Duplicate records created in Marketo after upgrading to Dynamics 365 Online v9

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by Dominika Wojna

We upgraded to v9 about a month ago. We thought everything was working fine in terms of some of the known/potential issues with this upgrade - for example, duplicates created in CRM when qualifying a lead if you don't FIRST update your MLM package to the latest release (as mentioned here: Microsoft Dynamics 2016 Online Upgrade to Version 9) in CRM before proceeding with the v9 upgrade. The problem that we have just identified is not duplicates being created in CRM, but rather duplicates being created in Marketo. Essentially what happens is when a LEAD is qualified in CRM (which gets converted to a Contact), it remains in Marketo (as a LEAD) with the "MS is DELETED = TRUE" flag. And then a completely fresh, new, duplicate CONTACT record is created in Marketo. What makes this most troublesome is ALL existing activity/history/values (e.g., Acquisition Program, Lead Source, Lead Scores, funnel progression, etc.) are stripped - leaving you with a new - essentially empty - record in Marketo.



What used to contain 10 pages of valuable activity data, the active record now just contains this:



This is how it used to work: the lead record in CRM, when qualified/converted to a contact, would reflect this in Marketo as well - and keep the original record in tact with all prior activity/history:



Needless to say, our entire lead management system is severely broke.


Grégoire Michel - have you experienced this with any of your customers that have upgraded to D365 Online v9?


Paul Wilson