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Why does "Address" always end up in my list uploads when it's not included in them in the first place?

Question asked by Justin Laberge on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Floyd Alvares

I have this chronic, recurring issue with list uploads that's, well, irritating me off at this point.


Why does this happen?


The list that I've uploaded never had address in it in the first place. The fields appear to be right but this happens probably on 50% of my uploads and I have no idea what causes it. Can you just improve list uploading entirely, please? If I have CITY, it breaks the entire upload because of... caps. Yep, caps affects this stuff.


Also if I change a single field in the list upload, it removes every other field entirely, meaning I have to edit the spreadsheet, save it and try again. Seriously?? (I should ask though, is this a feature or a bug? I'm never sure!)


These are net new leads as well.