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    multiple Request Campaign API calls result in the same campaignRunId (?)

    Mark Price

      Wondering if anyone has run into this issue system behavior.


      We have a few recurring campaigns (weekly, monthly) that are triggered from a Request Campaign API call w/replacement tokens. If someone is sent the email 2 times, it looks like the campaignRunId is the same. Looking further into it, it looks like all the API call based sends for a campaign will have the same campaignRunId.


      This is giving me headache because I was planning on using campaignRunId with some other data points as a unique identifier for the send. It seems like the API sends would need to fallback on a date/time logic in these cases.


      Anyone else run into this?


      Some campaigns have been converted to work off a field update and that seems to generate unique campaignRunIds so if there's no fix for Request Campaign, will have to go that route.