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Why is there a high variance of numbers across All Casts and Last Casts in each Stream?

Question asked by Ryan Mendoza on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Ryan Mendoza

Hello Marketo Community,


I'm trying to troubleshoot and understand what's going on within my specific Engagement (Nurture) Streams:


So I have three of these streams tied a specific industry, at each part of the conversion funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Decision). Some of these assets have been A/B optimized by program asset type and industry, per the screenshot here:




Some of the assets have a large amount of audience it's being casted to: (e.g. 2269 in my Awareness). Whereas others, only have 0 or 1 (in both All Casts and Last Casts).


I am also aware of the difference between the Cast Numbers:

All Casts – Total Emails Sent All time for this Email whenever it is Casted

Last Cast - # of emails sent for this email since the last scheduled cast.



Here are my questions:


1) What is the reason for my first asset in Awareness to only have 53% of the audience casted to? Is it because the earlier iterations of this asset has converted the remaining 47%?

2) Why are my cast numbers within specific assets only reflecting 0 and 1?
3) Will my historical casts numbers on the bottom change if I switch out one or all of the assets?
4) Do cast numbers reflect only members within that stream that are not exhausted/paused/disqualified?


Thanks and I appreciate the info in advance!